Orca Universal
Orca Web Designs has a simple philosophy.

Industry Standard Languages
html, css, javascript, mysql, php
Custom Graphics
designed in blender and gimp
Responsive Web Design
focused on functionality and simplicity
Open-source Tools
keep costs down
we train your staff to maintain your site

We help you get set up with a hosting company of your choice and then train one of your staff members to maintain your site. Our prices are negotiated on a contract basis up front and are fixed no matter how many hours it takes us to deliver by the deadline date. We also offer consultation, training, and 'Fix My Site' services by contract at the rate of $30/hr. Keeping it simple means you own your own technology. Moreover, someone in your shop always knows how to update your site, and where to go for help in troubleshooting. If you want to establish a web presence, we can get you there. Contact larry@orcauniversal.com for details.

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